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31 October 2014


Passenger convenience: "push button or smile"

GATE invited the airport industry to discuss this serious issue for all the players involved: for airlines, airports, the industry of airport technology and – in particular – the customer.

The event took place in the countryside Parkhotel Schlangenbad, close to Wiesbaden, and the experts on the panel represented the interests of the entire spectrum of airport operation.

The Keynote came from AIRBUS. Senior engineer Airport Operations Diego Alonso Tabares pictured the long and complicated boarding procedures before Aimée-Désirée Bauer moderated the discussion on the panel.

Andreas Spaeth, Aviation Journalist, representing the passenger, and Ralph Beisel, CEO of ADV, the association of German Airports, Susanne Herrmann and Wolfgang Pollety, Executives of the Airports in Stuttgart and Hamburg, as well as Prof. Dr. Andreas Wittmer, MD of the Center for Aviation Competence, University St. Gallen/Switzerland, presented their views and imaginations for the future of modern airports and their role for the society.

At the end of the day, Dieter A. Heinz, President of GATE, came to the conclusion, that a closer cooperation of all parties involved is of the essence. GATE is encouraged by the success of the GATE TALK 2014 to continue with this platform already next year.